Repeated over time and with force

2019 | light installation with readymades | steel dish drying racks, lights

Installation with readymades (steel dish drying racks) and light. This work examines notions of care and the kinds of control and micro-violence that can be embedded within care taking - both in intimate relationships and family structures and on a collective level with regards to belonging to an other kinds of “homes” such as a society or nation state. 

This work looks at how reproductive labour and care, within these structures, can become contested actions that both nurture as well as discipline, and have the potential to uphold and reiterate patriarchal structures. At the same time, it seeks to create a space in which these gestures can become something else and gain their own independent autonomy and produce something other from within the same structures.

The title, Repeated over time and with force, is a phrase taken from Sara Ahmed’s book Queer Phenomenology, and refers to a discussion on how hegemonic structures such as heteronormativity and patriarchy become norms - in the form of behaviours, beliefs and affects that are repeated over time and with force until they become part of the background noise of everyday life.

The light is programmed to sweep over the installation, after which point it turns itself off and spins back to the starting point and begins again. A cycle, a repetition, that is predetermined and independent of the viewer, but is also in dialogue with the viewer’s movement in the room.

Shown as part of Royal Institute of Art MA graduation show. Awarded the Bonniers stipendium grant.

Installation stills

Photo credit: Jean-Baptiste Béranger

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