2018 | installation | plaster, text

Traces is a fictional archive - a collection of intimate archival objects presented at Örebro Läns Musuem as artefacts from an imagined history.  How does an object make its way into an archive? What narratives are recorded, preserved and remembered? These works suggest an imagined archive that speaks to the blind spots in the archive-making processes of nation-building institutions such as the museum. They adress historical narratives that could have taken place - as well as an archival practice that may one day exist. The fictional archival objects speak of narratives that have often not been documented and become invisible in the creation of hegemonic historical narratives - LGBTQI history, histories of migration and displaced people. Engaging with history in a reparative way, these works use fiction to create collective histories that re-imagine and fill the gaps of dominant modes of history making.

Installation with plaster sculptures and text. Part of the group exhibition Ingen Äger Tiden at Örebro Läns Musuem, in which a group of artists from the Royal Institute of Art were given access to the municipality archive in Örebro and invited to create works in dialogue with the archive, the local area and its history. Under artistic supervision of artist Lina Selander and in dialogue with curator Daniel Urey.

Exhibition catalogue text

Detail Näsduk, rosa linne
Detail Ask, målat trä med insida klädd i röd sammet

Detail Snäcka, vit skruvformad